About our Company

Chipboard producers since 1969 in the heart of the Po Valley

Being places in the heart of Po valley in the north of Italy where poplar cultivations are,
Xilopan S.p.A. manufacture both raw and melamine-faced particleboards based on poplar wood, from 10mm up to 60mm thick.
We daily produce 600m3 of raw particleboard and 12.000m2 of MFC one.
Xilopan S.p.A. is albe to offer flexibility and versatility to satisfy an ever-growing demand for customization.


Xilopan was born


Montanari family becomes the main shareholder


High capacity production line


MFC facility 560x225 Wemhöner


A new warehouse and a new biomass boiler


Xilopan enter foreign markets


Xilopan is leader in high quality light particleboard

Letter from CEO

We all are going through a very difficult year and I am writing this letter having had the chance to think about the role played by Xilopan nowadays. We have a long history behind us, rich in know-how, values and goals, part of them already reached and new ones to achieve. Change is not coming easy considering our reality, but now it is the right time to face changes keenly, to consider them a valuable chance. Being great does not mean best technologies or businesses only; we strongly believe in people as our best resources; those ones who co-operated with us, fighting day by day to re-style our future, to create a new identity to fit this contemporary world at the best.
May 2020, Stefano Montanari