Warehouse management, just in time delivery, customer service. The result of a forty-year business history built on the imperative of customer satisfaction, able to evolve to suit the tastes and needs of an increasingly diverse market demand and attentive to the design and environmental impact of production .

High Performances

From the product, all 100% Italian certified poplar, to the processing, everything  Xilopan offers to its customers rhyme with Quality. A quality that is solved in a higher lightness of the panel, which entails lower handling and processing costs, and the ability to customize the colors up to the high end thickness (from 40 to 58 mm).

Tailor-Made Particleboard

The efficiency of industrial production associated with craft quality. The result is our tailor-made particleboard, a unicum on the national and international market, which allows us to provide our customers with dedicated productions (with ad hoc dimensions) and a customized particleboard that comes up to 3 cuts in length in length and 1 cut in width.

Flexibility, promptness, service from warehouse to customers